QuasarMX Pro

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QuasarMX is a light-weight, fast and convenient music player optimized for mobile devices. It is offering many of the features found in modern desktop media players, like fast library overview and filtering along with the ability to handle large libraries very well.

Available for Windows, Android, Ubuntu, Debian / Raspbian / Raspberry Pi OS, SailfishOS, Harmattan (Nokia N9) and Symbian (yes Symbian).


* Intuitive swipe user interface
* Fast library overview and filtering
* Support for many formats (MP3, MP4, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, ALAC, etc.).
* Integration of external services like Last.fm and song text providers
* Cover Art Downloader

The Pro version offers gapless playback, equalizer, playlist management and many other features not available in the Lite version.

Buying the Pro version will unlock all features and give you access to the current major version (2.x) of QuasarMX. After purchase you can immediately unlock the free version of QuasarMX to the full featureset of the Pro version via the license key. This allows for simple updating via the app store you downloaded the application from.

Additionally you will get access to the fully unlocked installation package via our download server. We hate DRM as much as you do.

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You'll receive access to the Pro version of QuasarMX with all extended management and audio features enabled.


QuasarMX Pro

0 ratings
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